The ONLY NASM/AFAA/ISSA-approved Macro Nutrition Certification Program!

Gain the expertise you need to


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Gain the expertise you need to


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When you become a G-Transformation Academy NASM/AFAA/ISSA Certified Macro Nutrition Expert, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently and successfully get your clients the results they deserve while building an industry-leading coaching business you love!

Macro Nutrition Coaching Certification

We will have an early-access list (100% free, zero-obligation) to learn more and to take advantage of the opportunity to  get early bird private enrollment, bonus coaching offers and secure your spot before this program sells out.


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There has literally never been a better time to master the intricate science of macro nutrition. Especially if you want to build a thriving, flexible, online coaching business that stands out from the crowd and makes an incredible impact on the industry.

Clients are smarter than ever and that stale cookie-cutter meal plan, 1,200-calorie, can’t-eat-carbs diet just isn’t going to fly. Without the knowledge and expertise to structure a program customized to your clients’ specific needs, you will struggle to book clients, keep clients, or get the all-important client referrals.

The most discerning clients expect massive transformation and I want YOU to be the one to give it to them. That’s why I created Macro Mentorship: to help current and aspiring health, fitness, and nutrition coaches just like you become industry-leading experts with thriving businesses and satisfied clients from all around the world.

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Macro Mentorship is a 4-month NASM, AFAA, and ISSA approved CEU group coaching certificate program PLUS business course for health coaches to become certified macro nutrition coaches.

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of G-Transformation Academy-approved Certified Macro Nutrition Expert Coaches.

Our team has coached over 2,000 clients to lose a combined total of 8,000pounds and have trained 300 NASM/AFAA-Certified Macro Nutrition Experts to create their very own 5 and 6-figure online macro nutrition coaching businesses.

Our proprietary coaching method results in an extremely comprehensive, evidence-based, and industry-leading program unlike any other out there

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Work and learn from anywhere in the world!

Macro Nutrition works for ALL clients from ALL walks of life in ALL parts of the world. Macro Mentorship has certified coaches in countries like the US, Australia, Africa, Asia, the UK, and beyond. Our fully-accessible, online coaching platform allows you to listen and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

 While the program is designed to be completed within four months, the group support and online learning portals remain open forever, so you can learn and certify at your own pace.

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Expand your network and your visibility.

As a member of the Macro Mentorship coaching community, you will have lifetime access to our online coaching support group. This is your opportunity to get real-time feedback from our team of experts while building meaningful relationships with fellow coaches and practitioners.

Get as much help as you need, partner with other coaches for special programs, gain the wisdom and insight necessary to get your clients the results you deserve. This is real-deal LIFETIME ACCESS meaning, for as long as you’re a coach, we’ve got you!

Inside Macro Mentorship, you’ll learn my proprietary 3-step process that will take you from Average Nutrition Coach to In-Demand Macro Nutrition Expert.

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  • Online or in-person health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaches who want to grow/start their client base
  • Coaches who already have a basic understanding of macro nutrition and are interested in becoming an in-demand expert in the field
  • Fitness professionals who are passionate about providing science-based nutritional coaching strategies to their clients  
  • Coaches who want to provide their clients with solution-based, sustainable flexible dieting protocols
  • Coaches looking to break away from one-size-fits-all meal plans and focus on macro-based protocols for weight loss, fat loss, and muscle gain
  • Coaches who desire to create a thriving nutrition business and are excited to increase their income through results-based coaching
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"This journey is more an internal one then anything…the most rewarding part once we can piece the puzzle pieces together right and focus enough to see it. You GET it. My journey changed my life. I would have never had the confidence to speak in front of people, teach people, lead people, walk on stage almost naked….none of that. I am no longer the same person and I didn't want you to be the same person either. You deserve every dime lady! Thank you for trusting me and YOURSELF. "

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At the end of our time together, you’ll not only know how to coach clients to success, but you will also understand how to market your business responsibly so that you stand out as a trusted expert in your industry.

Macro Mentorship goes so far beyond a typical CEU certification course. This is literally EVERYTHING you need to start or scale your dream Macro Nutrition coaching business and ensure your clients get the best results possible.

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Here's how the Macro MentorshipR curriculum will help you:

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Program Design

Learn how to create effective Challenges, Group programs, 1:1 Coaching programs and workout programming

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Client Onboarding & Management Systems

Client application, sales, onboarding, check-in process, client management systems, pricing & billing  with done-for-you tools and templates to stay organized.

 Use done-for-you tools and templates to manage & organize your clients' progress and check-ins

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Business Scaling & Management

Increase client retention, increase referrals and while learning how to effectively scale your business, increase your impact and avoid business plateaus

If you are ready to stop playing small, start mastering your craft & start building a business that allows you complete freedom, this certification is for you.

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Macro Nutrition 1: Macro Calculation Foundations

  •  Macro Basics for Beginner Coaches
  •  Lesson 1: Determining Your Clients BMR, Total Daily Expenditure (TDEE), and Calorie Goal
  •  Lesson 2: Calculating Macros
  •  Lesson 3: Low Carb Diet Transition (or Keto to Carbs)
  •  Lesson 4: Client Learning Curves with Tracking
  •  Lesson 5: Carb Cycling
  •  Lesson 6: Carb Cycling Transitions
  •  Lesson 7: Carb Cycling for Obese Populations 
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Macro Nutrition 2: Nutritional Periodization & Macro Adjustments

  •  Lesson 1: Nutritional Periodization
  •  Lesson 2: Sustainable Fat Loss Cycle
  •  Lesson 3: Plateaus
  •  Lesson 4: Adjusting Macros
  •  Lesson 5: Diet Breaks
  •  Lesson 6: Reverse Dieting
  • Lesson 7: Maintenance
  • Lesson 8: Metabolic Adaptations
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Macro Nutrition 3: Special Client Populations

  • Lesson 1: Insulin Resistance
  •  Lesson 2: Diabetes
  •  Lesson 3: PCOS
  •  Lesson 4: Pregnancy Programming
  •  Lesson 5: Post-Natal  Programming
  •  Lesson 6: Menopause
  •  Lesson 7: Hypothyroidism 
  •  Lesson 8: Hashimoto's 
  •  Lesson 9: Adrenal Fatigue 
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I created Macro Mentorship because not too long ago, I was excited to help, anxious to grow my client base and my income, but was totally stuck in so many ways.

I wondered what to do when my client’s progress stalled…

I wondered how to handle clients with special concerns like PCOS…

I wondered how to create stable, recurring income…

I wondered how to KEEP clients for more than just a month or two…

I figured out the magic formula and inside Macro Mentorship, I am handing it to you. I want you to become a one of the most sought-after macro nutrition experts in the industry.

With Macro Mentorship, you’ll get everything you need to build the thriving business you want and get the results your clients deserve….For Life!

If you’re ready to coach with confidence, while scaling your business, impact, and income, this is for you. I challenge you to join the pre-sale list, today, so you’ll be the first to know about our next enrollment round opening again this winter.  

This program sells out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Get on the no-obligation, pre-sale list today to unlock special offers, savings, and secure your spot.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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But when you join our no-obligation pre-sale list, you’ll not only get the opportunity to join early and earn yourself  bonus support group coaching calls + more!

Enroll in Macro Mentorship via the waitlist to get early access to coaching

  • Macro Nutrition Training & Case Studies
  • Client Onboarding & Management Systems
  • Online Coaching Product Creation
  • Business Management & Systems
  • Program Launching & Biz Templates
  • In-Depth Training Modules
  • Daily Coaches Support Group
  • LIVE Group Coaching 
  • NASM & AFAA Approved Provider – NASM & AFAA CEUs
  • Business in a Box
  • And More…
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Health, fitness, and nutrition coaches are flocking to get their NASM/AFAA approved Macro Nutrition Certification through Macro Mentorship.


You CAN become an expert in your field.

You CAN be fully booked out with clients.

You CAN feel 100% confident in your abilities.

You CAN get the referrals you need.

You CAN build the business of your dreams.

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated are my results. Those stated by my clients are their results. Please understand my results are not typical. I am not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. 
Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. 
The Coach makes no representations or warranties as to specific outcomes or results. 
The Coach cannot guarantee that you will become or remain happy, rich, healthy, or successful as it is based on the individual taking action.